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Auberge Care Facilitys opened in 2014. Created by the Owner, Alison Goldberg, with the utmost care and attention to detail. Alison has owned and run her own businesses for 32 years, having trained at St Bartholomews Hospital. She has a wealth of experience in changing peoples lives for the better.

"I want to create a Care Facility where residents would feel very special in an environment that in many ways could be considered better than your own home. The decision to give up one’s own home even when it is absolutely necessary is very difficult. In seeing Auberge it is my hope that it will make your decision that much easier."


Auberge caters to residents of all ages and stages and varying levels of care. This concept is also unique given that most institutions take only people over 65, Alzheimer's patients, geriatric patients, retired over 65 or only young patients.

Situated in the exclusive suburb of Bishops court, this magnificent home is set in a lush gardens, with stunning views of Muizenberg, Table Mountain and the Constantia wine valley. This one-of-a-kind residence will offer large single rooms and en-suite bathrooms. Each room is beautifully appointed, with wrap-around views. The house also offers a lift to all floors, which are all exquisitely decorated.

Elderly people complain of being surrounded by "old people", at the Auberge the young, the older and the in-betweeners mix comfortably as they should. We do not choose our clients they choose us and we are privileged to be able to accept absolutely anyone needing our services.


The Auberge currently has 19 staff members, including 7 qualified registered staff members and 5 staff members that have been with Alison for 32 years.

Patients benefit from this loyalty. The Auberge staff have been able to continue working in a secure employment because their unwavering loyalty and care have contributed to the success of the business.

Auberge House

Auberge House